Mandalay Restaurant is now Burma Garden! 


We are specialized in Burmese dishes such as Tea Leaf Salad A8, Fish Soup with Rice Noodles N1, Coconut Noodle Soup with Chicken N2, Rice or Egg Noodle Salad SL1, which are the traditional dishes.  Since Burma is multi-ethnically diverse, often dishes are familiarly similar to Indian, Thai, and Chinese.  Although dishes are alike, region of cooking methods are different such as availability of ingredients, use of spices, which brings the array of different verities. Mandalay Restaurant’s Menu is selected, and added personal favorites of others Asian cooking such as CH5 Orange Chicken, CH4 Teriyaki Chicken, and includes most famous N3 Rice Noodle Soup also know as PHO`. We are very proud to the fact that we have created the menu that everyone can enjoy. And we will continue to innovate. Thanks for visiting our site and please come in and enjoy the food.